02nd July 2023 (day 49): thermal baths - while in Iceland...

We allowed ourselves a deserved sleep in this morning. Equipped with a comfortable mattress, the tent on the roof of the car has become our cozy cocoon and getting out from under the down duvet has proven more and more challenging.

We debate this morning if at this point, we should turn around and slowly drive back, perhaps enjoy more hikes. Neither of us like backtracking on the same path so we opted to stay with the original plan and drive all the way around the ring road (the scenery being so enjoyable anyway), even if it meant not having much time to stop much. 

One thing i didn't want to pass was bathe in some natural hot spring. We purposely dismissed the Blue Lagoon south west of Reykjavik due to its spoiling popularity so we stopped on our way at Vök Baths, a geothermal area right by the lake on the east coast. While it was thoroughly enjoyable to bathe in 38 degres and alternate with a cold plunge in the lake, the chilled wind made was not as appreciated. The best thing about the Vok baths is that it is popular with local people who come here up to 5 times a week. At least, we don't feel that we're on the tourist trail. 

Fully refreshed by the bath experience, we drive late into the night to the next campground. We finally found one with a kitchen - a lovely change for we've been having cold dinners almost every night. Belly full and squeeky clean, I am ready to pass out! 

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