03-08th June 2023 (Day 25): Waiting for wind in Stornaway

Last stop before the Faroes. The wind as been kind to us all the way up the coast of the UK, albeit in the face the whole time. With headwinds, Seabelle cruises well but the motion is not always the most pleasant. Dan hasn't got his sealegs yet and has been feeding the fish all the way up to Stornaway.
Now anchored just outside the northern town of Harris in the Hebrides and as we wait for a favorable weather window, we take the opponity to catch up on projects and repairs. The waterwaker flush is now fixed – we had to drill a hole in the centerboard casing to allow for better outlet and changed the hose to allow for better pressure. After further investigation and more sailing in calmer waters, we suspect the intake of water could be coming from a leaking hull window that we replaced this winter. We re-installed that window in the dayhead and hope this has solve the ingress of water. Time will tell.

Other projects included finishing off the carpentry work that was dismantled during the shipyeard. Calin and I even managed a 5k Parkrun on Saturday, a beautiful course (albeit not flat!) along the water’s edge. Stornoway is a cute little town with limited but good enough shops for provisions and bits. It also boasts a beautfiful castle, just like the ones you were drawing as a child. We’ve been blessed with pretty good weather and it’s been lovely to walk around the castle gardens under the sunshine.  

With the last bits of provisions onboard and a hearty shower at the dock, we’re saying goodbye to the UK. Direction the Faroe Islands!!

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