18 may 2023 (Day 4): A magical morning


As I step on deck at 3am for my watch, I am still half asleep. Cup of coffee in hand, I listen to Calin’s handover. It is a very calm night, very light wind and only a slight traffic. Just enough to keep the watchman on its toes. An uneventful calm night makes a good opportunity to catch up on audiobooks and podcasts. We have settled into a nice routine and I am thoroughly enjoying this long passage. We don’t have set times for watch. Calin, aka the nightowl, covers the grueling hours of the middle of the night. He wakes me when his eyes falls off and being awake with the first rays, I let Calin catch up on sleep as long as he feels. It’s worked out quite well for both of us.

It's another beautiful morning, and the sunshine brought in magic. As I set down my breakfast bowl, a dolphin leaps out of the water on the starboard quart. And another one portside. And another one. Soon, I was surrounded by this huge pod of common dolphins racing alongside the boat. It was absolutely magical! I could not get enough of this show. They were having so much fun and stayed with us for a good hour, coming and going as they pleased.



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