24 May 2023 (Day 10): In Dublin Fair City!

It was a short visit to the place I used call home for almost 9 years – Dublin. My last visit goes back to 2018. I had already noticed that the place had changed a lot and again this time, I could barely recognised the quays of the river Liffey. Arriving in the morning after an smooth overnight passage and docking into the posh Dun Laoghaire marina, we catch up on a bit of sleep and attend a couple of projects we had fallen behind. Before we know it, it is evening and we decide to have an early night.

The next morning sees us making the most of the marina wifi (such a treat when you don’t have it freely anymore!), we then set to town to visit the EPIC Irish Emigration museum. Very interesting, easy to navigate with many interactive features, it tells the tale of the millions of irish leaving their beloved land full of hope or despair to start a new life elsewhere. Fascinating history really.

Afterwards, time to enjoy a proper pint of Guinness as we catch up with my friend Delphine who I used to work with back in my United Airlines days. We then later catch up for a pint and a meal with my old friend Niall. You gotta love friends who you don’t see for many years, yet, it’s as if you saw each other yesterday. Fabulous evening, and I fell asleep feeling inspired by our delightful  conversations and contagious positive energy that only good friends can offer.

After fixing the electrolyse leak and doing last bits of fresh provisioning, it was time to set off again into the sunset – destination: Port Ellen, Scotland. ETA Saturday if we spend the windless night at anchor. The weather is looking good, albeit too light Friday night.


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