26th June 2023 ( day 43): passage to Hafnarfjordur and Reykjavik

Leaving Heimaey, we followed the fishing tips from our french neightbour and successfully caught 7 haddocks, enough for a couple of meals. The passage was a bit rough at first but overall rather pleasant. The temperature has dropped to 10 degres, still not too bad! 

We are now docked at the Hafnarfjordur yacht club, run by Marcus - a super nice guy. We postpone our car rental to coincide with Dan's departure and set out to check out Reykjavik. 

Under a slight drizzle, we wander around what feels like a huge city. It is not and everything is within walking distance. The famous Hallgrimskirkja is a lutheran church, easily recognized by its unusual conic shape ressembling basalt columns. With an imposing 74m height, the intreriour is very spacious and minimalistic. 

On our way to the outdoors store, we meet a dutch couple who had just finished their trip with the same camper we have rented. They give us some good tips and all their leftover dried-freeze food. That's almost a week's worth - how very kind of them! 

On the way back, we swing the city marina and are warmly invited on M/Y Ugly Betty for a couple of drinks. It was a great evening with flowing conversations. We also feel privileged to meet 2 of the NWP expedition team that will row across the NWP. Looks like they are more crazy people than us out there! 
Tomorrow we’ll cross off a few more projects – Calin will get a medical to renew his captain’s licence and I will complete the Sunbrella covers for our newly installed dyneema reels.

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