30th June 2023 (day 47): more waterfalls!

My eyes sting as the alarm goes off at 5.30am. we slept reasonably well under the roof tent. Doted with thin mattresses and pillows, we were comfortable and surprisingly warm considering it’s only 7 degrees at night. The early start allowed us to enjoy the well known Seljalandsfoss waterfalls with only a few other early risers. It’s absolutely stunning and quite phenomenal to walk behind it and feel the powerful energy stemming from the sheer volume of the water. The glacial spray serves as an wakening shower and we are soon drenched. A gentle 10mins stroll brings to the secret Gljufrabui Waterfall, hidden amidst the moss covered lava rocks. It is so beautiful, mystic and refreshing. The return to the car park now full of cars and buses reminds us that the best way to enjoy Iceland beauty is very early in the morning or late in the evening.

We continue on our “Fos crawl” and drive on to Skogafos, yep, another stunning waterfall, rightly made famous by Floki in the Viking series. We follow the herd of tourists up the trail to the top and while the site is still spectacular, we vouch to leave early again tomorrow to avoid the bulk of tourists.

After a brief stop in Vik (and a little nap!) and its cute church, we take a stroll on Reynisfjara beach. Its volcanic black sand and polished dark pebbles contrast perfectly with the white foam left by powerful waves crashing onto the shore. It is one of Iceland most beautiful beaches and righly so. Its striking rocks basalt columns are equally impressive with their distinctive hexagonal formations. The beach opens up to a couple of stacks rising straight up from m the sea and present fabulous photo opportunities. Calin is loving his camera gear and Iceland presents so many opportunities for him to nurture his creative talent. 

After a couple of hours enjoying the beach, we walk back to the carpark and suddenktly, this girl jumps at us and gives us the warmest hug. It’s Burcu! We met her in Northern Norway in 2021 while working with orcas, she lives in Turkey and is touring Iceland by motorbike with her boyfriend and a bunch of friends. What an incredible coincidence! When having such an unexpected encounter, you can’t help thinking how small the world is. And yet, it is so big exploring its corner seems endless.


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