11th June 2023 (Day 28): A floating lake at Bosdalafossur

A fabulous first glimpse of what the Faroes are about! Today we went for a good hike on land. After days at sea, it is always delightful to stretch the legs for more than 14m. We were blessed with a windless day and reasonably good weather – a very shy sun certainly but no rain. So the 3 of us take to the hills. This is a 12km walk on the edge of the spectacular Traelanipa – Slave cliffs in English. With my heart hanging tight and wobbly legs, I push my fear of height to the limit, closer and closer to the edge. Yikes! If you stay on the track, it’s an easy hike and thoroughly enjoyable.

Along the way we say hi to many sheep of various shapes and color, each as beautiful as the other. The sky is very low and clouds hide the top of the mountains as we walk along Lake Sørvagsvatn also known as Lake Leitisvatn, majestically perched on the cliffs as if floating above the sea. Its southern end pours out into the ocean as a 30m waterfall known as Bosdalafossur. Interestingly, the lake may be sitting 38m above sea level,but with its 60m depth, it has most of its water under the sea.

Despite the extorsion fee of 25euro per person to access the privately owned land and a rather cloudy day, I enjoyed every step along the way. Being back in exploration mode instead of repair mode was terrific for our tired souls.

There is a lot to see on the 18 Faroese islands so we decided to rent a car for a couple of days. Road tripping in the Faroes!

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