14th July 2023 : organizing spare parts in idyllic inland waterways

With too little wind, we continue on motoring. This allows us to set up the starlink and organize some logistics for parts for the watermaker and the Echopilot forward sonar. Luckily, Nicky from M/Y Uggly Betty is flying to Copenhagen this weekend and she agreed to collect a new transducer for us. We are stoked, as this is saving a major headache. Our dear friend Petter is flying on the 17th from Oslo to join us for the NWP and he will also bring an array of orders, including a Victron Orion converter that will allow power to get to the watermaker without dropping voltage – what we suspect may be part of the problem. Unfortunaly, after a brief discussion with Ecosystem, we have to wait until after the weekend for further instructions on flying replacement parts to Greenland.

Despite the downer of the watermaker out of commission, we are still thoroughly enjoying the dazzling beauty of this inland passage. The low lying skerries, free of any form of vegetation and surrounded by calm waterways remind me of some of the Baltic archipelagos in Sweden. We’ve anchored tonight in a stunning bay where stormy clouds reflect perfectly in contrastingly still waters. Fishing proved unsuccessful so vegetarian dinner it is!

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