14th June 2023 (Day 31): Pretty church, pretty waterfall, pretty Faroes

As another sunny day greats us, we set out to explore the island of Streymoy.

At the end of long open roads, the small settlement of Saksun and its picturesque green roofed church perched atop a beautiful bay overlooking a sandy beach gives us plenty of photo  opportunities. Even the rather aggressive signs of not stepping here nor there, only put up by an angry local farmer, cannot take away the idyllic charm of the place. There we meet a very friendly Feroan man on a visit to his home land from Denmark. He gives a fascinating summary of the history of the Faroes Island and an interesting insight of their want for independence. They claim to be economically self-sufficient  with a very strong fishing industry and several referendum have taken place. At the moment, they still rely on the help of Denmark and are entirely dependant on their military defence.

After a lovely walk down by the beach, we head back to Vagur to the positively charming village of Gasadalur. A short walk takes us to the famous (and rightly so) Mulafossur waterfalls, a beautiful sight in the golden hour.

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