13th June 2023 (Day 30): On top of the world!

The good thing about the long summer days that far north is that we can really maximise the value of our car. With a reasonably early departure, we tour until well into the evening. The nights no longer come and even though the sun disappears for a few hours, we still have plenty of brightness until it appears again in the wee hours.

Today we drive around Esturoy and packed with sandwiches and some fruits, we set out to the top of the highest mountain, Slaetteratindur, the roof of the Faroes. The climb is very steep but of reasonable difficulty once you settle into a steady slow rhythm. Once on the top, we are rewarded with breathtaking views: a 360° bird-eye panorama of the entire archipelago with its many mountain tops, valleys and fjords. It is absolutely spectacular and a perfect place to enjoy lunch. On the way down, the gravel makes it challenging to say the least the path turns into a skidding festival.

Safely back to the bottom, we carry on to the picturesque and colorful village of Gjógv with its deep gorge. We stop by Hvalvikon Streymoy to meet Sigurd and Johanna from S/Y Tindra. They also plan the North West Passage this summer and it’s great to chat. They are currently changing their engine so we wish them good luck and will probably catch up in Iceland.

As the evening settles we reach the quiet village of Tjornuvik, idyllically located in a bay famous for its surf. Tired, we call it a day and head back to base with wonderful images to green mountain tops and grass-thatched houses.

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