16th July 2023 : finally sailing!

Finally we have good sailing weather! Well, good wind that is, around 15 knots from the stern. We pole out the genoa and enjoy a smooth ride north. Other than the southerly wind, the weather is frankly not so great: it is cloudy, even rainy and downright cold. We pass our friends on SY Thindra as they emerge from Paamiut. We are both heading for Nuuk and the race is on!
With the wind from behind, the hard dodger offers only a little protection. Kitted with a few extra wool layers and my Musto foul weather gear, I manage to settle comfortably into my watch. We are sailing again and it feels good.

We make the most of the sailing weather and let go the anchor at 22h30 at Ravns Storo, a small but beautiful and well protected cove that retains the remains of an abandonned faroese settlement.

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